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Three major benefits when you share your recipe with us

Earn up to RM1000 per recipe 

Hometaste has allocated RM100,000 per year for Recipe Development

Credit your handwork & recipes online

A good recipe brings people joy and keeps up family traditions

Deliver and share your food culture

Hometaste has 5 years experiences in food delivery industry

How Does It Works

Three simple stages to start earning and recipes blogging

Stage I: Hatching

We will not ask for full recipe yet but we need you to let us know basic information such as what is the food, story behind, types of food to help us to understand more.

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Stage II: Incubating

Once your recipe is approved, you will be getting paid up to RM1000 per recipe. Hometaste R&D team take place to transform your recipe to a “food delivery suitable” menu.

Stage III: Accelerating

Your recipe will be published at Hometaste and everyone know can enjoy your delicious recipe. You will be given a credit and customer will know this recipe is created by you!